Klaudia Zolkos Urbanek

I grew up in a post-communist country Poland. Often as a child, I aimed to find objects abandoned by people or damaged by the natural environment. These things were not always attractive, but the beauty was to give them value through a huge child’s imagination which is a powerful mechanism for further artistic development. Now I express what I see in my work through the prism of my ordinary childhood. My creativity demonstrates inner emotions. Curiosity about life and appreciation for patterns written in social and ethnic behavior plays a large part; This is linked to the fact that I spent most of my adult life living in London, where I could observe, learn to be part of a community formed by a group of people from other continents, countries. Through the variety of cultures surrounding me, I was able to learn much about folklore. I understand that each of us perceives the world differently. Yet, together we can enjoy and appreciate differences between us by respect and understanding that we need each other as a part of this existence.

That’s why I constantly study and apply universal elements frequently appearing in the art and cultures of countries such as Japan, India, Italy, Romania, Croatia, and Slovakia.
Significant symbolism for me is the colors that represent energy and internal balance. Pigments are the foundation because they reflect the emotions I feel while painting or creating. They represent the stages of my complexity as an artist. I think that I should communicate my passions through colors.

I am an AI artist specializing in portrait design, proficient in Photoshop and other software. My approach to art is influenced by the digital landscape, where technology intersects with creativity to produce unique and captivating artworks. Through innovative techniques and digital tools, I strive to create visually stunning portraits that resonate with modern audiences. Explore my portfolio on Instagram to witness the fusion of art and technology in my work!

Work and Education



Acess to HE Art and Design


BA (Hons) Fine Art UAL

work experience


Creative Advertasing Agency
City Heroes Studio

Solo and Group Exhibitions


Ai Artist

I’ve transitioned into an AI artist offering expertise in portrait design, proficient in Photoshop and other software.┬áDiscover my portfolio on Instagram!


TEN End of the year Exhibition


Mamuska Gallery, London Exhibition


Focal Point Gallery, Southend-Site Specific Video


Utopia Caffe exhibition Southend on sea


Royal Opera House - Marketing Strategy and Design competition winner

Royal Opera House - my poster winner


Phone : + 44 77 36 21 71 20
Email : klaudiazolkosurbanek@gmail.com

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