Klaudia Zolkos Urbanek

I grew up in a post-communist country Poland. Often as a child, I aimed to find objects abandoned by people or damaged by the natural environment. These things were not always attractive, but the beauty was to give them value through a huge child’s imagination which is a powerful machine for the further creative process and artistic development. Now I express what I see in my work through the prism of my ordinary childhood. 

My creativity demonstrates inner emotions. Curiosity about life and love for patterns written in social and ethnic behaviour plays a large part; This is related to the fact that I spent most of my adult life living in London, where I could observe, learn to be part of a community formed by a group of people from other continents, countries. Through the variety of cultures surrounding me, I was able to learn a lot about traditions. I understood that each of us sees the world differently. Yet, together we can enjoy and appreciate differences between us by respect and understanding that we need each other as a  part of this existence.

That’s why I constantly study and apply universal elements frequently appearing in the art and cultures of countries such as Japan, India, Italy, Romania, Croatia, and Slovakia.


Significant symbolism for me is the colours that represent energy and internal balance. Pigments are the foundation because they reflect the emotions I feel while painting or creating. They represent the stages of my complexity as an artist. I feel that I should communicate my passions through colours.

One of my most significant influences is Yayoi Kusama’s work, which presents individuals and a collection of dots suspended in time and space.

Every day I pick inspiration from the surrounding nature and geometry of plants, flowers, and structures created by animals.


I’m a contemporary artist, including paintings, digital arts, photography, sculptures, and video performances.

I enjoy painting. I choose to apply acrylic paint and combine it with mixed media. I also work with clay, metal, wood, and other materials, often reused.

Presently I am preparing for a summer project in which I will observe the colonies of bees in their behaviour and study the geometric patterns that they create.

Video Performance


Phone : + 44 77 36 21 71 20
Email : klaudiazolkosurbanek@gmail.com