How my photography background affected my today work

My first step into the art world was at that time when I made my first props for newborn photographers. I ask my mum 6o years old friend to teach me how to crochet a baby bonnet. Few days later I had my first collection ready. Quick I made my first sale. I decided to share my skills with others and I made my first video to teach others how to crochet > Here is my first YouTube video. 

When I was start to receiving great feedback and photos from photographers with my bonnets, I decide to learn how to make a photos. So I bought Canon 6D and lenses 50mm 1.4 and I took a weekend lesson in photography school in London, I watched million of millions YouTube tutorials how to use Photoshop, Lightroom, how to set lights, how to set camera, etc. And one day I become a photographer. Here are some photos (very long time I haven’t updated my page because I am not doing that many session right now) 



After that my husband gave me an idea to start Art Uni. So her I am, I am a student in Southend Art University. 


In the main time I learn myself how to use Lightroom, and become an expert (in some way) and now I want to help you to improve your work flow with photo post production process. I can help you and you can help me, here are my presets for Lightroom. You can get them for your desktop and mobile. Easy setup. I call it Easy Edit Studio


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